Kitchen Team

At Tijn Akersloot, we offer a great working environment where you can be part of an enthusiastic kitchen team! Whether you already have experience in the kitchen or are eager to learn, you are more than welcome with us.

Here are some benefits of working in the kitchen at Tijn:

  • We have various roles available in the kitchen (part-time & full-time), such as chefs, kitchen assistants, pizza makers, and dishwashers. We'd love to discuss with you which role suits you best!
  • During an introductory chat and a paid trial day, you'll get the chance to meet our team and experience what it's like to work in our kitchen.
  • At Tijn, we offer you the opportunity to grow in the kitchen and contribute to our menu.
  • Tijn is open 365 days a year, all day long, so we can schedule you flexibly and provide job security throughout the year.
  • At Tijn, we frequently change our menu and organize many events, making your work in our kitchen always varied and never boring!
  • Does this sound like something for you? Leave your details via the form below. We will then contact you for an introductory chat and a tour of our kitchen. We look forward to meeting you!