House Rules

Our house rules are instilled with the purpose of maintaining a safe and welcoming restaurant. All instructions by our colleagues about these house rules must be followed directly. Those who do not follow the rules, will be removed from the premises and may be refused entry. Punishable offences are reported to the police at all times.

1.  You are obliged to order some form of nourishment. Bringing one’s own form of nourishment or packages with nourishment, as well as using them, is not allowed at Tijn.
2.  The properties belonging to our restaurant are not allowed to be taken outdoors or moved without our consent; this applies to leftovers of food and beverages as well. Upon observation of destruction or damages you will be wholly responsible for reparation and/or renewal.
3.  You are responsible for your own property. We do not accept responsibility for theft, lost property and/or destruction of property.
4.  You are asked to hand in any lost property that does not belong to you to one of our members of staff.
5.  We aim to seat you at your table of preference, however, we ask for your understanding, as this is not always possible.
6.  Arrived too late? 30 minutes after your reserved arrival time we are permitted to revoke your table to other guests.
7.  Pets such as dogs, are whole-heartedly welcomed, as long as they remain on a leash.
8.  Every form of aggression expressed to guests and members of staff is forbidden. Harmful and/or offensive behaviour is not tolerated.
9.  It is forbidden to carry weapons. Upon the observation of possession of weapons, the police will be immediately alerted.
10.  Instructions in the case of a fire lie with the management. In the event of a fire, do not panic, simply bring this to our attention and/or find the nearest fire-extinguisher.
11.  Being in possession of, using or trading in narcotics is forbidden.
12.  You may be refused entry to Tijn Akersloot if you are under the influence. Alcoholic beverages will not be sold to people who are under the influence.
13.  In accordance with the law, we do not sell alcohol to guests under the age of 18. In the event of hesitation, we will ask for identification.
14.  Upon entering and exiting our premises, you are asked not to make excessive noise such as screaming, as well as not to damage or steal others’ properties.
15.  Camera surveillance: By visiting our restaurant you consent to the creation of video recordings. After disturbances or accidents, such video recordings may be presented to third parties.
16.  In the agreements we have entered into, the Uniforme Voorwaarden Koninklijk Horeca Nederland has come into effect. These are binding for everyone who makes use of our services.

If you have complaints of any sort, report them immediately to one of our members of staff. We unfortunately cannot take action based on reports made later.

Thank you for your understanding!


Team Tijn