Location & Route

Tijn Akersloot lies at the Southernmost point of Zandvoort, where the boulevard and the building development ends, and the nature reserve of the Amsterdam Waterleidingduinen begins. Further away lie the last of the beach clubs, and the start of the pristine and soft sand.

Route from Haarlem to Zandvoort

By car, Zandvoort is easily reachable from Haarlem via two large access roads: the Zandvoortselaan (N201, coming from the direction of Haarlem-Zuid, Heemstede and Aerdenhout), as well as the Zeeweg (N200, from Haarlem-Centrum and Noord; Overveen; Bloemendaal and Bloemendaal aan Zee). To get to Tijn Akersloot, you can follow the signs labelled with ‘Strand-Zuid’ to the Paulus Loot Boulevard. The penultimate entryway for the beach leads to Tijn. There are enough possibilities for (paid) parking in the vicinity.

OV to Zandvoort

Zandvoort is accessible by train throughout the whole day from Amsterdam and Haarlem. The train station lies in the centre of Zandvoort, and from there it takes an estimated time of twenty minutes to walk to Tijn Akersloot, whether you walk via the boulevard or the beach. The Zandvoort bus station and the closest bus stops are within a distance of minimum twenty minutes walking from Tijn Akersloot. More information regarding the departure and arrival times of trains and buses is accessible on the 9292ov website.


There are sufficient possibilities for paid parking at the sea. You are welcome to park your car next to the boulevard or in the De Zuid parking lot. The De Zuid parking lot lies within a two-minute walking distance from Tijn Akersloot. You drive inside, take a ticket, and after your time at the beach you pay. Click here for the current prices. More information regarding the parking possibilities and prices in Zandvoort is available on the municipality of Zandvoort’s website.